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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-602

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602 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT What is the general structure of glands What is known regarding the influence of nerves upon the salivary lachrymal pancreatic and intestinal secretions Give an account of the structure of nerve fibres What properties are peculiar to nerve in its living state XIII -CijcmiStri What compounds would be produced by the action of heat upon mixture of coal and chalk Represent the principal reaction by an equation and give the relative weights and volumes of the products State the law regulating the velocities of di fusion of gases Illustrate it by an example Point out an important sanitary result of its operation What are the chief points which require attention in examining the character of water-supply What quantities of potash-alum and of ammonia-alum respectively would contain 103 grain of alumina Atomic weights Al 275 39 How is chloral hydrate obtained In what relation does it stand to alcohol Describe simple method by which the proportion of alcohol in sample of wine may be ascertained XIV- Sotani Describe the general characters and structure of pitted spiral scalariform and laticiferous vessels and mention the plants in which they are respectively found What are the distinctive characters between roots and stems Define the following adventitious root-epiphyte- parasite-spengiole-lenticel-spine-tendril-bulb-bulblet- corm-tuber and rhizome Define the following terms node-peltate-decurrent- fascicle-cenduplicat -equitant-crenate serrate-pinnate- pinnatifid-palmate and pedate
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