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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-600

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500 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Enumerate the constituents of the roots of the lungs and point out their position to each other to adjoining struc- tures Describe fully the bronchial vessels Give complete description of the arterial anastomoses on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the scapula How would you expose the whole course of the inferior vena cava below tbe diaphragm after the abdominal cavity has been opened by the ordinary crucial incision hut with its contents undisturbed What veins form and enter the inferior vena cava Describe the os calcis pointing out clearly the position of the tendons which groove it and of the ligaments which are attached to it VIII -$i pgtoIog1 Aid the descriptions by drawings when necessary Give an account of the electrical properties of muscle and nerve Give an account of the structure of striped muscular fibre and state what are the differences between living muscle in state of rest and in state of action Give an account of the structure of the retina Young's theory of colour-sensation and the causes of positive and negative after-images IX -CijemtStrg Give some equations which justify the consideration of cyanogen as an analogue of chlorine Describe the action of ferrocyanide and ferridcyanide of potassium respectively upon ferrous and ferric salts giving the names and formulas of the precipitates What explanation is offered of the existence of compounds having the same composition but possessing totally different pro- perties Give an example Write the formula for the molecule of the liquid which contains 6487 per cent of carbon 1351 per cent of hydrogen and 21 62 per cent of oxygen the specific gravity of its vapour being 37 times that of hydrogen
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