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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-595

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WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS 595 To describe parallelogram that shall be equal to given triangle and have one of its angles equal to given rectilineal angle In any right-angled triangle the square which is described upon the side subtending the right angle is equal to the squares described upon the sides which contain the right angle To divide given straight line into two parts so that the rectangle contained by the whole and one of the parts shall be equal to the square of the other part If straight line drawn through tbe centre of circle bisect straight line in it which does not pass through the centre it shall cut it at right angles and if it cuts it at right angles it shall bisect it To draw straight line from given point either without or in the circumference which shall touch given circle In circle the angle in semicircle is right angle but the angle in segment greater than semicircle is less than right angle and the angle in segment less than semicircle is greater than right angle XI -aglefcra Find the numerical value ot V2i x2 5x when χ From 7e3 2e2 2e subtract 4es 2e2 2e 14 and from the remainder subtract 2es Se2 -j16 Find the continued product 01 6m 5p 5p and 62 1ע χ -J- Reduce to single fraction £ χ a2 ab h2 a' 06 b2 From -'--- take--- -- a2 ab b2 a' ao tr The difference between the cubes of two consecutive numbers is 331 find the numbers ρ ρ
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