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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-577

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APPLIED SCIENCES 577 11 or Draw tlie simpler group of models dimensions &e at pleasure and project the shadows when the rays are inclined both in plan and elevation at 46 to xy SECOND YEAR On line 125 long construct regular pentagon Construct square equal to it in area Two lines respectively 4" and 3" in length cross each other at their centres making there an angle with each other of 50 Draw the ellipse which would pass through the extremities of the lines Show by its traces plane oblique to both co-ordinates and by construction its inclination to both planes of projection The axis of cylinder parallel to the ground passes through the centre of sphere Show the intersection of the surfaces the cylinder is 2" and the sphere 3" in diameter regular tetrahedron of 3" edge is to be shown in plan and elevation when one angle of the base is 1" another Γ5" and the third 2'5" above the plane of the paper FIRST YEAR Divide line 225 long in the proportion of to 11 Construct scale full size to show not less than 25 feet On line l-25" long as one side construct regular octagon line 2" long is supposed to be the plan of line inclined at 50 to the ground Show its real length Find the plan of the section made by plane inclined at 35 passing anywhere through pyramid with square base of 3" side The solid is 3" high Show plan and elevation of the above solid when its base is inclined at 45 Show what drawings you consider nece3sary to enable workman to make hollow cube of 3" edge of material an inch thick without any further instructions than those given by you on your paper ο ο
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