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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-576

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576 APPLIED SCIENCES How is wet clay prepared for making into bricks Give tbe construction of any wet clay brick-making machine with which you are acquainted Describe thetprocess of printing in colours Sketch and describe Sir Joseph Whitworth's machine for measuring to the millionth of an inch upon what principle is it constructed and what are the conditions upon which its accuracy depends VII toinetrical rafotng THIRD YEAR Construct triangle the sides of which are in the pro- portion to each other of and ΐ respectively the shortest side being 2" in length Construct an equilateral triangle equal in area to t' triangle in the last figure or any other one somewhat similar in shape and size The diagonals of regular pentagon are 3" in length draw the pentagon Draw any scalene triangle which has shortest side of about 2" and bisect it by line drawn from point in that side an inch from one angle cube of 3" edge has two of its edges inclined at 40נ and 30 respectively Show plan and elevation or similar cube has two of its faces inclined respectively at 70 and 30 plan and elevation required Draw an equilateral triangle of 25 edge and figure the angles as being 1" Β and 275 above the plane of the paper Find the traces of the plane containing the triangle Both the plan and elevation of the axis of right cylinder ό" diameter are lines inclined at 40 to xy and parallel to each on the paper Show the sections that would be made of the solid by the co-ordinate planes Measure angles and edges and draw to scale plan and elevation of the objects placed for that purpose 10 Project the shadows the rays being inclined at 45 and parallel to the vertical plane
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