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applied sciences 573 charged body is entirely upon its surface what conclusions may be drawn from these experiments as to the laws of electrical attraction and repulsion Shew that these conclusions follow from the experiments in the case of sphere Explain the meaning of the terms lines of force-potentia at point-microfarad-volt-capacity of condenser-elec- tiical image Explain the use of the Prime Conductor of an electrical machine Account for the variation in the character of the spark so far as it depends on the extent or the form of the surface of the Prime Conductor What is the chief source of Atmospheric Electricity Give evidence in support of your answer Describe method of measuring the electrical state of the air outside the walls of building Explain how to measure the Magnetic Intensity at any point of the Earth's surface What are the laws ot resistance in wires as depending on their length and size and how may they be proved experi- mentally Describe method of determining the internal resistance of galvanic battery Define the term "electromotive force" of battery battery of 10 cells is joined to voltameter and 80 cubic centi- metres of hydrogen are produced in minute An additional resistance of 15 ohms is introduced and the volume of hydrogen produced in minute is now 50 determine the electromotive force of one cell of the battery 10 When copper disc is made to spin about an axis in its own plane between the poles of an electro-magnet explain the cause of the resistance to the motion of the disc when the magnet is set in actiop 11 Explain he effects produced when circular coil of wire is rotated about an axis in its own plane in magnetic field what arrangement must be adopted to shew the existence of and to measure these effects In what positions must the coil be placed in this room to produce the greatest and the least effects under the action of the Earth's mganetic force
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