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572 APPLIED SCIENCES Find the relation between the power and weight on an inclined plane when the power acts horizontally Apply this to find tbe relation in the case of the screw with smooth thread and show that the virtual moments of the power and weight are equal to one another How is velocity measured Distinguish between the dynamical measures of force Prove or explain how it may be shown experimentally that the spaces passed over by body which is acted on by uniform force vary as the squares of the times of describing them particle is projected vertically upwards with velocity of 800 feet per second how high will it rise 10 State and illustrate the Third Law of Motion weight of oz banging by string over the edge of smooth table draws another weight from rest along the table over distance of feet inches in second3 Find the weight on the table 11 ball has vertical velocity of 30 feet per second and horizontal velocity of 50 feet per second simultaneously im- parted to it Find tbe time of flight and the distance from the starting point to the point where the ball strikes the ground 12 Two ivory balls of and 4J lbs weight strike one another when moving in the same direction with velocities of and 10 feet per second find their velocities after impact the modulus of elasticity for ivory being assies SECOND AND THIRD YEARS III -mtctvidtv ants ifflagnctfem Explain how to determine the laws of attraction of two small spheres charged with opposite kinds of electricity How will the size of the spheres affect the determination State the laws of ×™×™ loss of charge from insulated con doctors Explain how to measure the rate of loss from the core submarine cable and so to determine the insulation resist- ance of the covering Describe experiments shewing that the free electricity on
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