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APPLIED SCIENCES 571 resistance may cut the base inches from the outside of the wall 10 When person tries to pull out two-handled drawer by pulling one of its handles in direction perpendicular to its front find the conditions under which the drawer will stick fast and show that they are independent of the force employed FIRST YEAR State the principle of transmission of force and give evidences of its truth string ABCD hangs vertically from the point and weights of and lbs are attached at and respectively find the tensions of the several parts of the string If the tension of the upper part is represented by line 18 inches long find the lengths of the lines representing the tensions of the other parts State the Triangle of Forces and show how it is esta- blished When two parallel forces act on body in opposite directions find the magnitude and line of action of the re- sultant force Explain what takes place when the forces are equal lever each foot of which weighs Jb oz has weight of 45 lbs at one end at distance of feet from the fulcrum and weight of lb 14 oz at the other end find the length of tbe lever interpret your answers Show how to find experimentally or otherwise the centre of gravity of plane triangle triangle is cut off from parallelogram of which tbe diameters are and inches in length by straight line joining the middle points of two ad- jacent sides find the centre of gravity of tbe remainder In the first system of pulleys where the strings are parallel find the relation between the power and weight when there are three moveable pulleys of equal weight What is the gain or loss in the mechanical advantage arising from the weights of the pulleys
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