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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-559

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GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 559 15 An epicycloid is generated by circle of radius rolling on circle of radius 3c prove that it may be represented by tbe equations χ 4ccos$ ccos4 4csinfl csin4 and find tbe whole urea contained by the curve VIII Bnglt3Ij ftistorjj What was the age of George II when he came to the Grown With what party in tbe nation bad he been identified How did he treat them afterwards Who was his chief adviser and to whom did he owe his success Give short account of Sir Robert Walpole and of the policy pursued by him Compare the policy of the first Pitt with that of Sir Robert Walpole Give the date of the Peace of Paris and shew what were its results What was the age of George III when he ascended the throne By whom wa3 he educated and on what principles State briefly what were the changes iu the administration from the commencement of his reign until 1770 and the causes to which those changes were owing What does Burke mean by "an interior cabinet" What reasons are there for thinking that this was mere party in- vention What causes led to the American War of Independence and when was it closed 111 What were the main causes of tbe ill success of the British arms on that occasion 11 State briefly the arguments employed by Burke against taxing the Colonists IX -engltiSf tttratuw Give brief sketch of the life of Pope mentioning his chief writing and the order in which they appeared
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