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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-557

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GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 557 PSP" 18 focal chord of an ellipse show that when the area of the triangle Ρ CP' is maximum PS Ρ is the latus rectum Enunciate and prove Maclaurin's Theorem Show the general term in the expansion of ηπ ην cos 10g x2 is Ji x" Find the limiting value of tan χ cos -J- sin cos log cos sin ג eiiii-j' when ζ Show that the limiting value when מ is indefinitely large of η η tin n-vi jn TT 10 י If η be function of independent variables and be expressed in terms of two other independent variables Θ by equations of the form show how to find 1Π terms of rfj dy dx1 dr d6 dr1 If 2x e2 e- then will 1Λ rAdrtie Investigate method for determining the maxima and minima values of function of two independent variables parallelogram of given perimeter revolves about one of its sides show that the volume of the greatest solid that can be generated is one-ninth of the volume of tbe sphere whose diameter is equal to the perimeter 10 Investigate method for finding tbe multiple points of
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