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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-542

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542 GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE ΔΗΜΟΣ ού μα τόν Άττόλλω ΑΛ εγνωκας ούν δήτ' αυτόν ο'ιός έστιν άλλ' iyui σοι ζεϋγος πριάμενος έμβάδοιν τον-'ι φορεϊν δίδωμι ΔΗΜΟΣ κρίνω σ' όσων έγωδα περί τόν δημον άνδρ άριστον ευνυΰστατόν τε τή πόΧει καί τόισι δακτΰλοισιν ΚΛ ού δεινόν ουν δήτ' έμβάόας τοσούτον δύνασθαι ίμοϋ δέ μη μιείαν 'έχειν όσων πέποιθας ittatficmatits -algebra Find the form of the equation to straight line which is perpendicular to given straight line parallelogram is formed by the straight lines -£ '' Prove that its diagonals are at right angles The straight lines drawn from the angular points of triangle to the middle points of the opposite sides meet at point Find the equation to the circle referred to any oblique axes Find the centre and radius of the circle af Find the equation to the tangent at any point of circle Find the equation to the tangent at the origin to the circle 2y 3x Find the equation to circle of radius which is referred to two rectangular tangents as axes The tangents at the ends of focal chord of parabola intersect at right angles in the directrix The tangent at any point of parabola will meet the directrix and latus rectum produced in points equally distant from the focus Show how to draw pair of tangents to parabola from an external point
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