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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-513

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THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT 513 What do you gather from these Epistles as to the office of an έπίσ-κοποί in the Apostolic age What conditions does St Paul require Discuss the interpretations of μια γυναικο άνδρα Trace the history of widows' as part of the organization of the Apostolic Church Give list of the words characteristic of the Pastoral Epistles and notice any other peculiarities of style or language Translate with exegetical and critical notes α Καϊ ομολογουμένως μέγα 4στ rb της ευσέβειας μυστήριοι1 0ei εφανερώθη έν σαρκϊ εδικαιώθη iv πνεύματι ωφθη άγγέλοις έκηρόχβη έν 'θνεσιν ίπιστεύθη εν κόσμψ άνελτήφθη ίν ίξτ7 Τινών ανθρώπων αι άμαρτίαι πρόδηλοι εϊσι προάγουσαι εις Kplfrw' τισϊ δε καϊ επακολουθοΰςιν Ωσαύτως καϊ τά καλά εργα πρόδηλα εστι' καϊ τά άλλως έχοντα κρυβηναι ου δύναται Οι δ πιστούς έχοντες δέσποτας μή καταφρονείτωσαν ότι αδελφοί εισιν' άλλα μάλλον δουλευέτωσαν οτι πιστοί είσι καϊ αγαπητοί οί της ευεργεσίας αντιλαμβανόμενοι ΤαΟτα δίδασκε και παρακαλεί What do you know as to the life and character of Timothy Give concise account of St Paul's work in connection with the Churches of Galatia and the substance of his Epistle to them 10 Give brief history of tbe Sinaitic Codex What are its chief characteristics as compared with other Uncials -HrtttUi Trace the historical and doctrinal notices of Baptism through the books of the New Testament Explain the true meaning of Regeneration Note the full significance of the statement that Infant Baptism is most agreeable to the institu- tion of Christ Quote and comment upon both the positive and negative statements of Art XXVIII on the Holy Communion Draw out the doctrine of the Holy Communion from the notices given of it in the New Testament What points of κ κ
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