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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1874-1875-508

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508 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT Note the chief periods in the history of the Church as gathered from the New Testament from the Day of Pentecost onwards What Epistles belong to each period Give brief history of the first growth of Christianity at Corinth Pliilippi and Ephesus 10 What is known from Holy Scripture of the following persons Eliezer Zipporah Shamgar Barzillai Zedekiah son of Chenaanah Sliemaiah Sanballat Oded Apollos Eneas Epa- phroditus Silvanus Epaenetus II rttfe Cestament What are the chief divisions of Tischendorf's Synopsis Show from it or otherwise that much of St John's narrative differs both in scene and in time from that of the other Evan- gelists Taking St Mark's narrative as basis show what portions of the ministry of our Lord are known to us from the Gospels of St Matthew and St Luke alone On what occasions did our Lord's ministry bring Him into contact with Gentiles Note the chief instances of His reference to Old Testa- ment history to prophecy to the Mosaic Law Translate accurately marking any cases in which the Authorized Version has to be set aside and giving notes of explanation where necessary Ονδεις δύναται δνσί κνρίοις δονΧενειν' ή γάρ τον ενα μισήσει cat τον έτερον αγαπήσει ή ένυς άνθεξεται και τον έτερου καταφρόνησα ον δύνασθε Geo δονλεύειν και μαμμωνά Δια τούτο έγω νμ'ιν Μή μεριμνάτε rfj ψυχή υμών τί φάγητε καϊ τί πίητε' μηδέ τω σώματι υμών τί ένδύτησθε Ουχί η ψυχή πλε'ιόν έστι της τροφής καϊ τυ σώμα τον ενδύματος ΈμβΧέψατε els τα πετεινά τον ουρανού οτι oil σπείρουσιν ουδέ θερίζονσιν ονδέ σννάγονσιν είς άποθήκας καί ό πατήρ νμών ουράνιος τρέφει αίιτα' οίιχ νμείς μάλλον διαφέρετε αυτών Ύίς δέ έζ υμών μερίμνων δύναται προσθείναι έπί τήν ήλικίαν αντον πήχνν ένα Καί περί ενδύματος τί μεριμνάτε καταμάθετε τά κρίνα τον άγρον πώς
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