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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1870-1871-560

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560 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT How is Bleaching Powder obtained how is its strength determined By what means would you distinguish the chlorides chlorates and perchlorates Describe the method of obtaining the phosphate pyro- phosphate and metaphosphate of sodium State how each of these salts is recognized How is oxalic acid obtained Give tests by which it is recognized How may formic acid be obtained from it Give illustrations of homologous series and state the general formulas of monatoinic alcohol aldehyd ether and fatty acid Sketch the process of etherification and describe the pre- paration of acetic ether and methyl-oxalic ether Describe the process of extracting'quinia and state by what means it may be distinguished from cinchonia What is the difference in composition between these two bases IV -Cijrmtstrp Describe the method of spectrum analysis and state the comparative characters of the five metals of the alkalies What is the difference in the action of laevo-tartaric acid and dextrin upon polarized ray of light State in outline how this difference is observed Describe the construction of cell of Grove's Voltaic battery In what respects does it resemble and in what does it differ from cell of Daniell's battery Describe the Astatic Galvanometer and state in what class of cases you would use voltameter and in what the galvanometer as measuring instrument How may you charge gold-leaf electroscope either positively or negatively by means of sealing-wax Explain what is meant by electric induction Describe the series of actions which are believed to accompany the discharge of Leyden jar Describe the method of taking the specific heat of mercury
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