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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1870-1871-555

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WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS 555 -arithmetic How often are cwt qr lbs contained in 89 cwt 22 lbs What is the length of passage whose breadth is 11 ft 11 in and area 683 sq yds ft 143 in If 52 men in days of 12 hours each reap 32 acres in how many days of 13 hours each will 20 men reap 40 acres Required the cost of 77 acres rood 30 poles at 12i per acre Express ta ogo of day in seconds Divide the product of 3f and 3ן by their difference Required the commission on £069 14s 9d at per cent How much land worth 17i 6d per acre must be added to farm of 51 acres roods 20 poles worth £1 14s Gd per acre that the average value of the whole may be £ 2s 9d per acre XL-algebra Find the value of -4- ben έ χ Find the difference between ab bc xy yz and ab bo frxy yz Multiply ix 102 20 T3 by Ix -f βχ2 Divide 252 40 441 462 זs 35 202-3 1022 42 by 52 32 22 Find the Least Common Multiple of xy2 x3 y3 and x2y2 Bracket together the coefficients of the different powers of χ in the following expressions ax bx bx cx cx ax Reduce into single fraction- י8- 4-
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