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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1867-1868-499

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500 WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS Where was Sheba What were the Queen's motives in coming to Jerusalem What was the result of her visit Give narrative of the revolt of Adonijab How were the chief agents in it dealt with after the death of David The causes immediate and remote of the revolt of the Ten Tribes By what measures did Jeroboam try to secure himself With what result What great change in the religious condition of the king- dom of Israel is traceable to the foreign policy of Omri The life and work of Elijah to the battle of Ramoth-Gilead What do you know of the following persons Benaiah- Ahijah the Shilonite-Micaiah-Zimri-Ben-hadad-Barzillai III -HL oSprl acrortfmg to &t iLttite Gather from what you know of St Luke'3 life the probable channels through which he received his information What characteristic features of this Gospel indicate that it was written primarily for Gentile Christians What portions of our Lord's life and teaching are recorded only by St Luke The life and character of Herod Antipas The life and teaching of St John the Baptist What does St Luke add to the facts mentioned in the other Gospels What was the occasion of the parable of the Good Samaritan What lessons are taught by it What other passages in this Gospel are connected with the Samaritans Translate with explanatory notes Κίΐγώ νμίν Χέγω ΙΙοιησατε έαντοίς φί ονς εκ τον μαμωνά τήί αδικία ίνα οταν εκλίπητε δεξωνται υμάς els τάς αίωνίονς σκηνάς Ό πιστοί εν ελαχίστω καϊ ev πολλω πιστός eon καϊ ό ev ελαχίστω άδικος καϊ ev πολλω άδικος Ιστιν Οντω καϊ ΰμε'ις οταν ϊδητε ταύτα γινόμενα γινώσκετε οτι έγγυς Ιστιν ή βασιλεία τον θεού Αμήν λέγω ύμίν Οτί ον μή παρέλθη ή γενεά αύτη εως άν πάντα γένηται Σταθείς δέ Ζακχαίος ειπε προς τον Κύριον Ίδου τά ήμίση τάν υπαρχόντων μον Κύριε δίδωμι τοις πτωχοίς' καϊ εϊ τινός τ
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