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496 APPLIED SCIENCES IV Cljrtm'Strn SECOND YEAR -A Distinguish the terms atom molecule and equivalent as applied to elementary bodies Illustrate and exemplify what is meant by monad dyad and triad element Illustrate the process of combustion and explain what is meant by combustible body and supporter of combustion How is pure hydrogen obtained and how is it applied to the analysis of metallic oxide such as oxide of copper What are the principal physical and chemical differences between diamond plumbago and wood charcoal Describe the two principal methods of obtaining charcoal and state what are the leading substances obtained during the distillation of wood How are carbonic anhydride and carbonic oxide obtained in state of purity Give the composition by weight and by volume of each and state the effect of passing an electric spark through mixture of one cubic inch of carbonic oxide and an equal bulk of oxygen at the temperature of 60" SECOND YEAR -B How is sodium procured Give its chief characteristics Describe the operations by which common salt is converted into sodic carbonate and the carbonate into caustic soda How do you distinguish salts of sodium from those of potassium How are the soluble salts of barium prepared from the sul- phate of the metal State by what means salts of calcium may be distinguished from those of barium What are the principal varieties of lime State how the various admixtures affect the employment of this earth in making mortars and cements What is Roman cement How is plaster of Paris prepared Give its chemical composition and state the change which occurs in its setting What circumstances in the preparation of the plaster prevent it from setting and why What are the principal ores of zinc How is the metal
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