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492 APPLIED SCIENCES this relation may be employed to find the relation between the power and weight on the screw Find the power which acting at an arm of ft in sup- ports weight of 50 lbs on screw of which the thread rises in 20 the diameter of the screw being inches What is work and how is it measured Show that the work done by the power is equal to the work done on the weight on the first system of pulleys when there is uniform motion What power will raise weight of cwt at uniform rate when there are three moveable pulleys If it be raised through 110 feet in 15 minutes what is the performance expressed in horse-power If be the space described by body in time under the action of constant force whose accelerating effect is show that ╬▓2 body is thrown upwards with velocity of 28 feet per second Find its height after one second and its greatest height If train begins to ascend an incline of in 100 with velocity of 20 feet per second find how far it will go If after coming to rest it be allowed to descend the incline how far will it run along the horizontal plane in 16 seconds State the Third Law of Motion Apply it to find the tension of the string when weight hanging vertically draws weight along horizontal plane balloon is ascending vertically with an acceleration of feet in second Find the apparent weight of one pound weighed in the balloon by means of spring balance 10 Find the pressure at any point at given depth below the surface of fluid parallelogram is immersed vertically in fluid so that one side coincides with tbe surface Compare the pressures on the triangles into which it is divided by lines drawn from its centre to the angular points 11 sphere of wood radius inches has spherical hollow in it radius inches filled with brass If the specific gravity
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