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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1867-1868-484

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GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 485 Find when -- sin and show that tan tan cot cosec The sides AB BC CD DA of quadrilateral inscribed in circle are in geometrical progression of which the common ratio is prove that tan ABC r2 tan BCD If tan"1 tan"1 tan"1 find χ ύ Τ זג In any triangle ABC show that cot cot 10 Prove the formula tan tan -5 and show its use in finding and Β when 426 354 and 49 16' given log 7-8 8920946 log cot 2410-3386231 38 log 8573325 log tan 11 229-3032609 log tan 11 239-3039143 11 From two points on level with the base of tower the angle subtended by the upper half is tan-1 find the dis- tances of the points from the tower and the angles the tower subtends 12 Find the perimeter and area of regular polygon inscribed in circle What is the difference between an inscribed octagon and figure of sixteen sides 13 headland is observed from the deck of vessel to bear and after the vessel has sailed eight miles in direction the headland bears due Find its distance from the observer at each time of observation 14 The triangle ABC is isosceles if cos sin2 cos sin2
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