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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1867-1868-482

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GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 483 ί 16 13 Also χ χ χ זג 14 ί 2a "1 '6 13 χ χ1 ij 24 xy 10 14 Find לג and when χ and -j- y2 68 and χ 15 The joint stock of and Β is £1 000 leaves his money in the partnership for 12 months Β for 18 months but each takes £990 for capital and profit What capital did each furnish 16 If ab ay bx ac cx a2 be bz cy then shall bex acy abz 17 and Β start to run race to certain post and back again returning meets Β 90 yards from the post and wins the race by minutes If he had returned immediately to meet he would have met him at one-sixth of the distance between the post and tbe starting point Find the length of the course and tbe duration of the race 18 The first digit of certain number exceeds the second by and the number divided by the sum of the digits Find the number 19 What is the logarithm of '0625 to base And given log 1-4 1461280 log 11760913 find log 000315 20 Express י 'he form of β and find the cube root of 24 V2T 61 21 Transform 1575 from the ordinary to scale 22 If η be positive integer tbe integral part of -J- 3j" is an odd number 23 The product of any η successive number is divisible by the product of the first η integers Prove this and find the value of when η 24 Find the divisors of any given number Ex 1845 Η Η
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