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482 GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE Find the value of χ 2a χ 2b hen 4a 2a χ 2b' ΒΏΧ b' cistern can be filled by means of tap in 45 minutes' and emptied by plug in 30 minutes Supposing the cistern was full and both tap and plug opened in what time will it be emptied Multiply 27 Xs 18 12x by Sx and 223y 4x 8xf My4 by χ 2y Divide 24 144χ 256 by זג and x2y'£ by x1 xy n"1 Find the square roots of 14356521 and of 4a 4a5 11a4 14a3 5a2 12a Extract the cube roots of 262144 and of 12r 54 112a 108a 48 Write down the square of -f- χ man lays out garden in the form of square from one side of which he cuts off walk yards in width and then lengthens the garden to make it of the same area as before Along the shorter side he now plants box cutting off square yards and then finds the length of his garden to be 40 yards Required its original size 10 Find the Greatest Common Measure of 35 892s 75 23 χ and 12 41a- 52a 29a 11 watch which loses seconds in minutes is set right at What will be the time when its hands are together between and 12 Solve the equations -5a 2a 3a 10 11
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