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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1867-1868-449

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450 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT ovre ζεστός μέλλω σε iμε σαι εκ τον στόματος μον "Οτι λ6γίι Οτι πλουσίου ειμι κα πεπλοντηκα και ονδενος χρείαν εχω και ου 0ιδα5 οτι συ ει ό ταλαίπωρος και eXeeii'Oi και 7Γτωχο και τυφλοί και γυμνός σνμβουλενω σοι άγοράσαι ηαρ' εμοΰ χρυσίον πεπνρω- μενον εκ πνρός ίνα πλοντήσης' και ιμάτια λευκά Ίνα περιβολή και μη φανερωθη η αισχύνη της γυμνότητας σον και κολλονριον tyxptoov τονς όφθαλμοίς σον ινα βλε7της 'Έγώ όσονς lap φιλώ 'λεγχω καϊ παιδεύω" ζήλωσον ονν και μετανόησον What foreshadowings of the vision of Rev xxt and xxii are found in the Old Testament or in other portions of the New Examine specially the thoughts that gather round the fol- lowing words and phrases ήτοιμασμενην ως ννμφην κεκοσμημενην τω άνΒρ αντης Ιδου η σκηνή τον θεοΰ μετα τών ανθρώπων τά φύλλα τοΰ υλου els' θεραπε'ιαν τών Ιθνών am thy fellow-servant and of thy brethren the prophets Against what act was this protest What other traces are there of this tendency in the Asiatic Churches Who are the "prophets referred to What light does this mention of them throw on other passages of the New Testament What truths as to the eternal life of the blessed underlie the imagery of these chapters EXAMINATION FOE CERTIFICATES Easter Term 1867 -CranSlate into Crncjltei Age ut cselestibus rebus ad terrestres veniamus quid est in his in quo non naturae ratio intelligentis appareat Principio eorum quse gigntintur terra stirpes et stabilitatem dant iis quse sustinent et ex terra succum trahunt quo alantur ea quae radicibus continentur obduc turque libro aut cortice trunci quo sint frigoribus et caloribus tutiores Jam vero vites sic clavi- culis adminicula tamquam manibus apprehendunt atqne ita se erigunt ut animantes Quin etiam caulibus brassicisque si
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