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theological department 447 the same English word for two Greek words of different meaning and different English words for the same Greek Discuss the chronological questions connected with these sections in Tischendorf's Haimonia On what do they chiefly turn What interpretation do you adopt of the σάββατον δευτεροπρώτον Trace the influence of the Scribes from Jerusalem in counteracting our Lord's work in Galilee In what instances are the charges brought against Him in the latter identical with those which had been brought in the former place Give in their right order list of our Lord's miracles of healing within the limits of these sections Which of them were specially connected by Him with the assertion of His power as the Son of Man Levi the son of Alphasus his position calling and cha- racter Who were the Herodians In what passages of the Gospel history are they mentioned Translate with explanatory notes Ερευνάτε τάς γραφάς οτι ΰμεΐί δοκεΐτε εν αύταίς ζωην αΐώνιον εχειν καϊ εκέϊναί είσιν αί μαρτυροΰσαι περι έμοΰ Και ευθέως σννηχθησαν πολλοί ώστε μηκετι χωρεΐν μηδε τα 7rpbs την βνραν' καί έλαΚει αύτοϊς τόν Χόγον Και έρχονται προς αυτόν παραλντικόν φέροντες αϊρόμενον υπό τεσσάρων Καί οΰδειν επίβλημα ράκους άγναφου επιρράπτει έπι ΐματίω παλαίω ει δε μή αίρει τό πλήρωμα αυτόν τό καινόν τοΰ παλαιού και χείρον σχίσμα γίνεται Και ουδείς βάΧλει οΐνον νέον εις ασκούς πάλαιούς' ει δε μη ρήσσει ό οίνος ό νέος τους ασκούς και ο οίνος έκχείται και 01 ασκοί απολούνται' αλλά οϊνον νέον εις ασκούς καινούς βλητέον IX -SiitS οί φ flpoitlei Ch XXV-XXVIII What do you know of King Agrippa Berenice Felix and Festus What is the date of the appointment of the latter to command in Judsea What was his office called in Latin and Greek
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