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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1867-1868-444

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THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT VI ScdtsSi&sitUid tStorg Give the names of the chief military-religiou3 orders and some account of the origin of each Who were Hugh des Payens Herman of Salza and Raymond du Puy Give the dates of the First and Second Councils of Lyons and state what were the chief acts of each What changes took place in the relations of the Papacy and the Empire during the thirteenth century Give some account of Louis IX of France and state what was his policy with regard to the Church What were the principal changes in ecclesiastical architec- ture from 1000 to 1300 What are the earliest buildings in England which display the pointed arch To what circumstances are the peculiarities of the churches of St Andrew at Vercelli St Chrysogonus at Rome and St Francis at Assisi to he ascribed What were the chief subjects of contention between Boni- face VIII and Philip the Fair What was the purport of the bulls known as Clericis Laicos and JJnam Sanctum and what was the fate of those bulls What was the document known as the Short Letter and what opinions are there as to its origin What were the circumstances of the election of Pope Clement as usually told What reason is there for doubting some parts of the story Ρ Ί ranslate Fecit Dens duo luminaria magna etc scil solem ecclesiasti- cam potestatem et lunam temporalem et imperialem ut regerent universum Et sicut luna nullum lumen habet nisi quod recipit sole sic nec aliqua terrena potestas aliquid habet nisi quod recipit ab ecclesiastica potestate Vtcarius Jesu Christi et successor Petri potestatem Imperii Graecis transtulit in Germanos ut ipsi Germani possint eligere Regem Romanoruni qui est promovendus in Imperatorem et monarcham omnium Regum et Principum terrenorum Nec insurgat hie superbia Gallicana qute dicit quod non recognoscit superiorem Mentiuntur quia de jure sunt et esse debent sub Rege Romano et Imperatore
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