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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1867-1868-441

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442 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT nam autem gladii sic praeter mundum cetera omnia aliorum caussa esse generata ut eas fruges atque fruetus qtios terra gignat animantium caussa animantes autem hominuin ut equum vehendi caussa arandi bovem venandi et custodiendi canem Ipse autem homo ortus est ad mundum contemplandum et imitandum nullo modo perfectus sed est quaedam particula perfect Sed mundus quoniam omnia complexus est neque enim est quidquam quod non insit in eo perfectus undique est Quid igitur potest ei ddesse quod est optimum Nihil est autem mente et ratione melius Ergo hsec mundo deesse non possunt Bene igitur idem Chrysippus qui similitudines ad- jungens omnia in perfectis et maturis docet esse meliora ut in equo quam in equulo in cane quam in catulo in viro quam in puero item quod in omni mundo optimum sit id in perfecto aliquo atque absoluto esse debere Est autem mundo nihil per- fectius nihil virtute melius igitur lnundi est propria virtus Nec vero hominis natura perfecta est et efficitur tamen in homine virtus Quanto igitur in mundo facilius Est ergo in eo virtus Sapiens est igitur et propterea deus II -STratisSlaU into Eattu Truth is always consistent with itself and needs nothing to help it out it is always near at hand and sits upon our lips and is ready to drop out before we are aware vhereas lie is troublesome and sets man's invention upon the rack and one trick needs great many more to make it good It is like building upon false foundation which constantly stands in need of props to shore it up and proves at last more chargeable than to have raised substantial building at first upon true and solid foundation for sincerity is firm and substantial and there is nothing hollow and unsound in it and because it is plain and open fears no discovery of which the crafty man is always in danger and when he thinks he walks in the dark all his pre- tences are so transparent that he that runs may read them he is the last man that finds himself to be found out and whilst he takes it for granted that he makes fools of others he renders himself ridiculous
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