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438 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT Give list with dates and noticing the most memorable facts connected with them of the chief editions of the text of the Greek Testament State and answer the chief objections that have been urged against the Gospel narrative of our Lord's nativity The truth nature and dogmatic import of our Lord's Temptation in the wilderness The circumstances of our Lord's first appearance as teacher in Penea Galilee and Jerusalem Examine the account of our Lord's conversation with Nico- demus in its bearing on His work at Jerusalem and as to its dogmatic teaching Translate with notes τϋλθον δε καϊ τελώναι βαπτισθηναι καϊ εϊπον προ αντόν' Διδάσκαλε τί ποιήσομεν ό Sc είπε προ αυτονς' Μηδέν πλέον παρ'α το διατεταγμένου νμίν πράσσετε 'Έπηρώτων Se αύτον και στρατευόμενοι λέγοντες' Και ημείς τί ποιήσομεν και είπε προς αντονς' 'Μηδένα διασε'ισητε μηδέ σνκοφαντησητε' και άρκε'ισβε τοϊς δψωνίοις νμων Άπεκρίβη Ίησονς και ειπεν αντω' '"Οτι εΐπόν σοι Ειδόν σε νποκάτω τη σνκης πιστεύεις μείζω τούτων όι η Και λέγει αντω' Αμήν άμην λέγω νμίν d7r' αρτι οψεσθε τον ονρανόν άνεψγ- ότα καϊ τονς αγγέλους τον θεον αναβαίνοντας και καταβαίνοντας επϊ τον νιον τον άνθρωπον IX-Oct of fl Hp0£irtt Ch XVm -XXII What do we learn from the New Testament as to the con- dition of the Baptist's disciples and their relation to the Chris- tian Church in the time of St Paul What do you know of Apollos What do we learn from this portion of the Acts and from the Epistles of the movements of St Paul and of Silas and Timothy in connexion with them What was probably the nature of the vow which the four men had taken with whom St Paul was at charges" at Jerusalem
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