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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1866-1867-502

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504 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT water It does not contain nitrogen required its centesimal composition How would you endeavour to ascertain its mole- cular weight Describe the action of sulphuric acid upon alcohol noticing the effects produced by varying the proportions of each and by varying the temperature employed What are the general charactersof mon-atomic alcohol Illustrate the relations of alcohol to its corresponding aldehyd and acid Give examples of compound ethers and state the method by which any one of them may be prepared What are the principal varieties of sugar How may they oe distinguished from each other Give an account of the ordinary process of alcoholic fer- mentation What is the law of the ordinary refraction of light What is double refraction What are the characters which distinguish the spectra of the alkalies from each other Describe the principle of the spectroscope Describe the construction of cell of Daniell's battery How is the force in circulation in voltaic combination Measured IV -JSotani Describe the various forms of woody tissue and mention the classes and parts of plants in which they are respectively found Describe the anatomy of Palm stem Define the following epiphyte-parasite-gymnosper- mous -'angiospermous- phyllotaxis-vernation-aestivation species-genus and natural order Give the structure of the Pollen and describe its influence and mode of action upon the Ovule Define the following -Spike-Raceme-Umbel-Capitu- lum-Amentu m-Cy e-gy nandrous-thalamus- receptacle- ovary-stylopodium and placenta
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