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48& WARNTUFORD SCHOLARSHIPS observance What did they commemorate What did they symbolize What appears to have been the nature of the worship of the Israelites before the erection of the Tabernacle and the con- secration of the sons of Aaron Describe the Tabernacle What truths were symbolized in its structure and arrangements The Tables of the Covenant To what was this name applied How was the idea of covenant brought out in con- nexion with them What do you know of the following persons Jethro Miriam Nadab Joshua Bezaleel III -C 0Spel jurorting tn St $οϊ π In the beginning was the Word Why aoei St John speak of the Son of God by this term What does he affirm in the opening of his Gospel of "the Word What facts as to the work and teaching of the Baptist are recorded only by St John What is the most probable explanation of the omis3ion by St John of the institution of the Lord's Supper What chronological difficulties present themselves on com- paring St John's narrative of our Lord's trial and crucifixion with those in the other three Gospels How may they be explained Examine our Lord's treatment of the woman of Samaria of the man that was born blind of the sisters of Lazarus What were the special truths needed and taught in each case Translate with short explanatory notes Εκείνος ην ό Χνχνος καιόμενος καϊ φαίνων νμεϊς δέ ηθεΧήσατε άγαλΧιασθήναι προς ώραν εν τώ φωτΐ αυτού Ερευνάτε τάς γραφάς οτι ΰμείς δοκείτε εν ανταίς ζωήν αιώνιον έχειν και εκείνοι εισιν αί μαρτνρονσαι περ εμού Είπον ονν 01 Ιουδαίοι προς εαυτούς Που ούτος μεΧΧεϊ πο- ρευεσθαι οτι ημείς ούχ ενρήσομεν αυτόν μή εις την διασπορά τών ΈΧΧήνων μέΧΧει πορενεσθαι και διδάσκειν τονς "ΕΧΧηνας
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