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430 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT write and when Show that the inferences of Romish contro- versialists from the passage are groundless What were the chief circumstances which contributed to elevate the Roman see in early times What did the Council of Nicaea decree as to the Roman see and what is the effect of its evidence as to the extent of the bishop's patriarchal jurisdiction Show how the part taken by Roman bishops in the Pelagian controversy bears on the history of the Papacy Translate και yap τω θρόνω τη πρεσβυτέρα 'Ρωμη δια το βασίλευαν την πολιν έκείνην οί πατέρε είκότω άποδεδώκασι τά πρεσβεία" και τω αύτω σκοπώ κινούμενοι οί εκατόν πεντήκοντα θεοφιλέστατοι επί- σκοποί τα ίσα πρεσβεϊα απένειμαν τφ τη νέα 'Ρώμη ά-γιωτάτω θρόνω ενλόγω κρίνοντες την βασιλεία και σύγκλητο τιμηθείσαν πόλιν και των ισων άπολαυονσαν πρεσβειών τι πρεσβυτέρα βασιλίκι 'Ρώμη και εν to'is εκκλησιαστικοί ώ εκείνην μεγάλύνεσθαι πρά γ- μασι δευτέραν μετ' Ικείνην ΰπάρχονσαν From what is this passage taken Sketch the history of the see of Constantinople as to pre- cedence and as to jurisdiction until the date of this decree ייע What objection was taken at Rome to the decree and with what success Give some account of the controversy in which Gregory the Great was involved on the subject of the title "Ecumenical Bishop What was the occasion and what was the date of the Sixth General Council How does it bear on the history of the Papacy VII -dEtrtiStasttcal Stiiitorp Mention some of the circumstances which independently of Henry VIII prepared the way for Reformation in Eng- land Give the dates of Henry VIII 's birth accession divorce from Katharine of Arragon and death the birth and death of
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