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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1863-1864-564

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56i THE SCHOOL IV -acsdjplus agamrmnoi Give some account of the life of jEschylus Compare his style with that of Sophocles and Euripides In what play and in what terms has Aristophanes criticised it What plays made up the Tetralogy to which the Aga- memnon belonged When was it acted and with what success What was generally tbe number of tbe Chorus What is it supposed to have been in this tragedy and of whom composed Who were the Plisthenidae Why so called What Tragedians have written plays and under what titles of which that family formed the subject Quote from Homer and Euripides the names of the daughters of Agamemnon What was the fate of each daughter Give in tabular form the feet admissible in Iambic Trochaic and Anapaestic metre Represent by map the positions of the places on which the beacon-fires were exhibited to announce the capture of Troy Translate επει δ' ανάγκα έδν λέπαδνον φρενός πνέων δυσσεβη τροπαιαν άναγνον άνιερον τόθεν το παντότολμον φρονεϊν μετέγνω βροτον θρασννει γαρ αίσχρόμητι τάλαινα παρακοπά πρωτοπήμων ετλα δ' ουν θντηρ γενέσθαι θνγατρό γνναικοποίνων πολέμων άρωγάν κάΙ προτελεια ναών λ αί δε και κλήδονα πατρφον παρ ονδέν αιώνα παρβένειόν ν εθεντο φΐΚόμαχοι βραβής φράσεν δ' άόζοι πατήρ μετ ενχαν δίκαν χίμαιρα νπερθε βωμοί πέπλοισι περιπετη παντϊ θνμω προνωπή λαβείν άέρδην στόματα τε καλλιπρωρου φνλακάν κατασχεΐν
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