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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1863-1864-539

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APPLIED SCIENCES 539 How is wrought-iron gas pipe made Describe the action of the anchor dead beat and lever escapements illustrate your description by sketches Describe the fusee and show the principle on which it is constructed How is the watch kept going whilst being wound up and what contrivance is there to prevent overwinding Sketch and describe the action of the striking part of clock In Cowper's Cylinder Machine show how the forms of type are inked and how the paper is conducted through the machine and printed on both sides Describe and illustrate by sketches any methods with which you may be acquainted of giving the reciprocating motion to the table of the printing machine Describe the process of making paper in continuous lengths from the preparation of the rags to the sizing and glazing the paper 10 Describe the machine for cutting paper during its delivery III -CfjemtStrg What is the ordinary mode of preparing hydrogen Give symbols of the reaction How is pure hydrogen obtained De- scribe the application of hydrogen to the analysis of metallic oxide such as oxide of copper How is chlorine obtained Describe its properties What is its density compared with that of hydrogen Describe the acids which it forms with oxygen and hydrogen How is protoxide of nitrogen obtained How is its chemi- cal composition ascertained Describe the mode of analysing air by means of hydrogen How much hydrogen would be converted into water by the oxy- gen contained in three cubic inches of atmospheric air If an electric spark be transmitted through mixture of two cubic inches of oxygen and two cubic inches of carbonic
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