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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1863-1864-538

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538 APPLIED SCIENCES JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP -jiatural Pi tloSopI Two forces equal to five and eight respectively have resultant equal to seven find the angle between the forces Two men whose strengths are as five to four support weight of 80 pounds by pole feet long resting on their shoulders Where must the weight be placed II weight of 84 lbs is suspended 20 feet below horizontal beam by two ropes fastened respectively to points 48 feet on one side and 15 feet on the other side of the point immediately above the weight Find the tension of each rope III Four weights lb lb lb and lb are placed in straight line at distances foot feet feet and 10 feet respectively from one end of the line Find the position of the centre of gravity What must be the horse-power of an engine that draws train of 150 tons along horizontal line at 30 miles an hour the friction being lbs per ton body is projected upwards with velocity of 100 feet per second Find the height to which it will rise VII force acts on ton for minute and produces velo- city of one mile an hour Find the force in pounds' weight train weighing 96 tons passes round curve whose radius is 2000 feet at the rate of 40 miles an hour Determine the pressure against the edge of the rail man weighs 176 lbs and his specific gravity is 1-1 What weight of cork specific gravity 0-14 must be attached to him to enable him to float piece of wood specific gravity '5 is weighed with brass weights specific gravity in air whose specific gravity is ןן The true weight of the brass is 2128 grains Find the true weight of the wood II -fHanufacturing &rt ant fHacijmirg Describe the processes of galvanizing and of corrugating sheet iron
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