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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1863-1864-535

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APPLIED SCIENCES 535 Describe the process of making cordage from the prepara- tion of the hemp to the finished rope illustrate your description by sketches 10 What kind of rope would you prefer to have for lifting heavy loads and state your reasons for making this choice 11 How are blocks of stone and marble cut into slabs 12 How are straight and circular mouldings produced on marble II -igratttcal &0ΙΛ tomttrv Hexagonal pyramid side of base 6" axis 36 resting on one face on the horizontal plane Draw its plan and show the section formed by vertical plane which passes through the centre of the axis and one corner of the horizontal face Two lines at right angles to one another lie in plane in- clined at 70 and one of them is inclined at 40 What is the inclination of the other Draw the plan of cube of 3" edge when one face is in- clined at 37 and two opposite corners of that face are at and 13 units respectively above the horizontal plane The unit inch Draw the plan of pentagon ABODE of 2" side when the corners and are at heights of 12 and 23 units respectively above the horizontal plane cone inches high and base inch radius is touched by equal spheres resting on the horizontal plane each sphere touching the other two Represent them in plan right cylinder of inches radius length at pleasure touches plane inclined at 35 in aline inclined at 25 Represent it in plan Draw plane inclined at 35 to touch aright cylinder of inches diameter the axis of which is inclined at 25 sphere of inches diameter rests on horizontal plane determine planes to touch it each plane being perpendicular to the other two
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