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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1863-1864-508

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508 INGLIS SCHOLARSHIPS IV Inglt's Sbcbolarsinp for iilo&ern tstor -Ci ftrign of CijarltS 15 Enumerate the dominions of Charles at any time during his reign and state his title to each Sketch briefly the condition of Spain at the accession of Charles Examine the political and social state of the German Empire at the beginning of the sixteenth century What was Charles 's revenue from his different do- minions Into what principal periods may the reign of Charles be naturally divided Give some account of the storm of Rome Describe the expedition against Algiers How was Charles's policy affected by the Reformation and by the Catholic reaction Examine Charles's character as man and as sovereign II -C J£Utjjn of dhmtn ffilt$abetf By what title was Elizabeth Queen of England Had she any rivals real or supposed for the throne Give short account of Elizabeth's relations to Mary Queen of Scots before the flight of the latter into England Distinguish and explain the different policies adopted by Elizabeth at different periods of her reign toward the Con- tinental powers Describe the defeat of the Spanish Armada Give short history of the younger Earl of Essex What were the principal laws affecting religion that were passed in this reign and how were they carried out Give short view of the state of the poor from the chief laws passed and from any other facts within your knowledge
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