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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1863-1864-493

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THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT 493 adopting this form of instruction What account does He give of His purpose in doing so Out of what familiar facts in the common life of the East were the two Parables of the Hid Treasure and the Merchant seeking Pearls taken What aspects of the same truth do they severally set forth The teaching of Our Lord as to Oaths as to Divorce Compare it in both cases with the recognised rules of Jewish casuists The Mission of the Twelve -Give their names in their right order What training had they for their special work as Apostles What temporary limitations and precepts respecting it had the character of an education for their future labours Explain the following passages Εγώ δε eyot ΰμιν tras όργιζόμενος τψ αδελψω αΰτον εική ένοχος εσται κρίσει' δ δ' &ν εϊπτ τψ άδελφω αύτοΰ 'Ρακά ένοχος ίσται τψ συνεδρίψ' fts δ' &ν είτττι Μωρ6 ένοχος στα εις ד ד τον πυρός Kal 8στις σε άγγαρενσει μίλιον εν viraye μετ1 αυτοΰ δυο Πάντα οΖν όσα &ν θεΚτγτε Ίνα ποιωσιν ΰμιν 01 άνθρωποι οντω και ύμεις ποιείτε αύτοις' οΖτος yap 4στιν ό νόμος κσΧ 01 προ- ψηταί Εϊσ λ0 Τ διά της στενής πυΚης' Οτι πλατεία ί πόλη- καϊ ευρύχωρος 7J οδός άπάγουσα εις ττ ν άπωλειαν καϊ πο λοί εισιν 01 είσερχόμενοι δι αύτης' "Οτι στενή לτύ η καϊ τεβ ιμμενη ή οδός τ άπάγουσα els τήν ζωτ ν καϊ oKiyoi είσιρ 01 εύρίσκοντες αύτ-ήν Translate into Greek And he said So is the kingdom of God as if man should cast seed into the ground And should sleep and rise night and day and the seed should spring and grow up he knoweth not how For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself first the blade then the ear after that the full corn in the ear But wiien the fruit is brought forth immediately he putteth in the sickle because the harvest is come
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