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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1863-1864-485

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THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT 87 Give an account of the various interpretations of this prophecy Prove the true interpretation from the preceding and following chapters and the New Testament VL-Ci Sarmoup of φ oiptls CiScIjtnKorf'S J&imopsis rbangelira 41-44 State briefly the arguments for and against the identity of the Sermon on the Mount with the discourse in Luke vi Which seem to you to preponderate Give in their right order the chief subjects treated of in the Sermon on the Mount In what instances in these sections do the readings of the Textus Receptus appear to have the character of gloss or explanation When do the Scribes and Pharisees first appear as opposed to Our Lord's teaching What was the starting-point of their hostility In what form did it show itself before the Sermon on the Mount What illustrations drawn from the world of nature from the common life of Galilaean peasants meet us in the Sermon on the Mount What truths do they severally illus- trate What views have been held as to the question with which the disciples of John came to Our Lord What seems to you the most probable explanation of it 7a Translate with short explanatory notes Και ηΧθεν Is την NafapiT ον ην τεθραμμενο και εισηΧθε κατα το ε'ιωθό αντω ν τη ήμερα των σαββάτων Is την σννα- γωγην και ανέστη αναγνώναι Και επεδόθη αντω βιβΧίον Ήσαΐου τον προφητον' και άναπτνξα5 το βιβΧίυν ενρ τον τόπον ον ην γεγραμμένον Ώνενμα Κυρίου επ' εμέ' ον ένεκεν έχρισε με' εναγγεΧί- ζεσθαι πτωχοΐς άπέσταΧκε με Ιάσασθαι Toils σνντετριμμενον5 την καρδ'ιαν Κηρνξαι αίχμαΧώτοις άφεσιν και τνφΧοΐς άνάβΧεψιν' άποστεΐΧαι τεθρανσμένονς εν άφεσει' κηρνξαι ενιαντύν Κυρίου
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