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482 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT VIII Beta of apostles antt fntnrtlurtton to £t Raul's eptStlfS Examine the probable date of the Epistle to the Galatians What do we learn from it as to the previous intercourse between them and St Paul and of the facts that had followed on it State briefly the whole history connected with the Epistle to Philemon Give short analysis of it What features of St Paul's character come out in it more prominently than in his other Letters The facts connected with the Second Epistle to the Corin- thians Give brief outline of its contents The organization life and statistics probable or certain of the Apostolic Church at Jerusalem during the period pre- ceding the appointment of the Seven Examine the speech of Gamaliel as to its historical statements as to its wisdom and equity as to its probable influence on St Paul What is known as to Gamaliel himself What aspect of the truth appears to have been specially prominent in the teaching of St Stephen To what accusations did it give rise In what way did his speech furnish an answer to those accusations Translate the following passages with short explanatory notes 0138c γάρ ev8e1 τι νπήρχεν ev αυτοί όσοι yap κτητορα χωρίων η οικιών ΰπηρχον πωΚοϋντε epov τα τιμά των πιπρασκομενων και ίτ'ιθονν παρά τους ποδα των άποστοΚων' διεδίδοτο δέ ίκάστω καθότι αν τι χρείαν tX είπε Si Ιΐέτροι Άνανία διατί επΧήρωσεν Σατανά τήν καρδίαν σου ψενσασθαί σΐ το Ώνεΐμα το ayiov και νοσφίσασθαί από τη τιμη τον χωρίον ονχι μενον σοι εμεν και πραθεν ev τη ση εξουσία υπήρχε τί οτι εθου ev τη καρδία σου τυ πράγμα τοΰτο οι Ιψ&ί'σω άνθρωποι αλλα τω θεώ
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