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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1863-1864-289

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EVENING CLASSES 289 Definitions of Weight Specific Gravity Quantity of Matter Density Division of the Science of Mechanics into Statics and Dynamics Statics Pressure-Meaning of the term-It varies in amount and direction-The measure of this amount-The point of application and transmission of Pressure in its line of direction-Illustrations of Pressures in different directions producing Equilibrium In Statics Force is used as Synonyme of Pressure The graphical representation of the point of application direction and amount of Statical Force-Composition and resolution of Statical Forces-Certain Statical Axioms- Principles Definitions of the terms Plane Parallel Planes Prism Cylinder Lever rigid connexion and rigid body-The Prin- ciple of the Lever-The three kinds of Lever-the Moment of Force Problems and Examples referred to the Principle of the Lever The Parallelogram of Forces-The Triangle of Forces-The Resultant of any number of Forces applied at the same point and whose directions lie in the same Plane-General condi- tions of the Equilibrium of Forces whose directions lie in the same Plane-Principle of the Equality of Moments The Composition and Resolution of Parallel Forces-The Centre of Parallel Forces-The Centre of Gravity of Body Enunciation and illustration of certain Physical Principles connected with the Centre of Gravity Conditions determining the Stability of Body-Illustra- tions of this Situation and Motion of the Centre of Gravity of Animals as influencing their behaviour under various circumstances Propositions for determining the Centre of Gravity of given set of Particles forming rigid body Balances-Requisite conditions for good Balance-False Balances Ī¤
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