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APPLIED SCIENCES 133 Oscillating motion Pendulums and Balances Motion of Pro- jectiles Hydrostatics -Definition of Fluid Measurement of Pres- sure Principle of Archimedes' Determination of Specific Gravity The Barometer Effects of Pressure and Tempera- ture on the Volume of Gas Measurement of Gases Measurement of Heights by the Barometer The Text-Books used in this part of the Course are Gal- braith and Haughton's Manuals of Mechanics and Hydrostatics Second Year The Second Year's Course of Mechanics is extended beyond that of the First Year in the following particulars Friction -Experimental Laws and Application to the Sta- bility of Structures The Resistance of Trains and the Ef- ficiency of Machines Strength of Materials -Calculation of the internal Forces in solid Body Pressure in Strut Tension in Tie Shearing Force in Rivet Moment of Bending in Beam Moment of Twisting in an Axle Different Kinds of Elasticity Stiffness of Frames Beams Axles &c Different Kinds of Ruptnre Strength of Frames Beams Axles &c Girders Roofs and Bridges Theory of Rotation -Moment of Inertia Equivalent Mass of Machine Theory of the Fly Wheel Dynamical balancing of the Motions of an Engine to avoid tremor Governors and Regulators Astronomy -Kepler's Laws Determination of the Force of Gravity and of the Mass of the Earth and the Heavenly Bodies Theory of Heat -Measurement of Quantities of'Heat Spe- cific Heat Heat of Liquefaction and Vaporization Law of Evaporation of Liquids The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Means of converting Heat into Work Efficiency of the Steam-engine limited On the Improvement in actual Steam- engines Optics -On Lenses and Mirrors The Telescope as used in Surveying Means of obtaining accuracy in Levelling and other Measurements
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