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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1863-1864-132

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132 applied sciences First Year Relation of Mechanical Science to the practical Work of an Engineer Necessity of making Measurements Different Kinds of Measurements Use of Diagrams and of Calculations in combining the Results of Measurement Every question must be considered-1st with respect to its elementary principles 2d with respect to the actual materials employed and their known properties Elementary Principles -Measurement of the relative Position of Points Representation in Diagrams and Calculation by Co-ordinates and by Trigonometrical Tables Principles of Resolution and Composition of Distances Displacements Velocities and Forces Statics -Definition of Force its absolute Measurement and its Measurement in pounds' weight Equilibrium of two Forces Tension of Ropes Pressure or Tension in Rod Equilibrium of Three Forces Parallelogram and Triangle of Forces Equilibrium of any number of Forces acting at Point Polygon of Forces Equations of Equilibrium Calcu- lation of the Pressures and Tensions in the pieces of jointed Framework Construction of Diagrams of Lines of Action and Diagrams of Forces Moment of Force about an Axis Equilibrium of body capable of turning round an Axis Calculation of the Moment of each Axle in Train of Wheel- work Composition of Parallel Forces Calculation of Centres of Gravity On the Action of Smooth Surfaces Inclined Plane Of Flexible Strings Pulleys &c Theory of Motion -Measurement of Velocity Varying Ve- locity Uniformly accelerated Velocity Motion in Circle On the motion of Body round an Axis Angular Velocity the Velocity-ratio of two Points in Machine Work -Measurement of work Transmission of work by machines Efficiency of machine Dynamics -Absolute Measurement of Forces Momentum of body Impulse of Force Work done by Force Energy of Moving Body Uniformly accelerated motion the Hammer Uniformly deviated motion Watts' Governor
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