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466 THE SCHOOL senatoria mnltos triumphalium consulariamque potentia anteiit diversus veterum instituto per cultum et munditias copiaque et adfluentia luxu propior suberat tamen vigor animi ingen- tibus negotiispar eo acrior quo somnum et inertiam magis osten- tabat Igitur incolumi Maecenate proximus mox praecipuus cui secreta imperatorum inniterentur et interficiendi Postumi Agrippoe conscius setate provecta speciem magis in amicitia principis quam vim tenuit Idque et Maecenati acciderat fato potentiae raro sempiternae an satias capit aut illos cum omnia tribuerunt aut hos cum iam nihil reliquum est quod cupiant Give the chief particulars of the life of Tacitus What are bis merits as an historian Notice the peculiarities of his style What period of history is comprised in the Annates What portions of the work are lost Give summary of the chief incidents recorded in the first three Books When and where were these Books discovered and published Explain the relationship between Julius Caesar Augustus Tiberius Germanicus Drusus Julia Livia Agrippina What were the chief exploits of Tiberius before he became emperor Quote from Horace allusions to them Give history of Arminius What effect had his successes on the Roman power Trace the course of the Rhine and the Danube noticing the tributaries and the chief towns with the ancient and modern names which stand on those rivers Mark out by map the principal nations and tribes which occupied ancient Germany What derivation has been assigned to the name What confirmation has Scripture history received from the following passage -"Aehaiam ac Macedoniam onera depre- cantes levari in prassens proconsular imperio tradique Csesari placuit Explain the manner in which the provinces were governed When did Achaia and Macedonia become Roman provinces 10 Give the meanings and the etymology of-glisco privignus nooerca prceterta impotentia codicilli justitium opera emeriti exauctorati slipendium denarius lucar centesima
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