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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1858-1859-454

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456 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT III -Cljimfetrg Describe the construction of the Air-pump How is the degree of exhaustion ascertained Explain the principle of the Hydrometer Define the terms Isomorphism Dimorphism and Allotropy illustrating each by examples Describe the method of ascertaining whether Thermometer is properly graduated What degree upon Fahrenheit's scale corresponds to 40 of the Centigrade Give the rule for converting Centigrade degrees into those of Fahrenheit Explain and illustrate the terms Convection of Heat Specific Heat and Radiation Mention three or four of the best Freezing Mixtures Ex- plain the principle upon which they act Describe the construction of Daniell's Hygrometer and explain how it acts Illustrate the theory of Electric Induction by the phenomena of thunder-cloud IV -Ci nt£itrj Enumerate the non-metallic Elements give the symbols and equivalents of each and specific gravities of those which are known in the gaseous state How is Atmospheric Air affected by the process of respira- tion What effect does the combustion of coal gas and of candle produce upon it Describe the preparation and properties of Iodine What tests may be applied for its detection What are the principal compounds of Sulphur and Oxygen Describe the operation of preparing Sulphuric Acid How is Caustic Soda obtained Δ Describe the preparation and properties of Sodium Through what sources is lead likely to be slowly introduced into the system as poison Describe the method to be used as preventive of the danger How may the presence of minute traces of lead in solution be ascertained
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