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MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 455 What are the muscles of ordinary inspiration and how do they influence this part of respiration how do they act What muscles are attached to the Sternum What muscles are attached to the Radius What muscles are attached to the Tibia What is the relative situation with regard to each' other of the three long deep muscles at the back of the Leg and of their tendons in the sole of the Foot What muscles flex the Ankle-joint What muscles extend it What muscles abduct it What muscles adduct it How could you distinguish between piece of Colon and piece of Jejunum If the Pericardium were slit open in front the Heart being in situ what part of the Heart and of the great vessels connected with it would he brought into view 10 Describe Hinge-joint and give an example 11 Describe Ball-and-Socket Joint and give an example 12 How would you distinguish right from left Kiduey when removed from the body II Pijpgiologp How are muscles attached to tendons bones and other tissues Illustrate your answer by examples What do you understand by the Tonic Property of Muscles and what is meant by the rigor mortis Describe the process of absorption and mention the cir- cumstances which favour or retard it Describe the process of Insalivation and the nature and ofBces of the Saliva Compare the structure of Vein with that of Lymphatic and illustrate your answer with diagrams What circumstances attend the coagulation of the blood and what is the cause of the coagulation What changes take place in the remains of the food in its passage from the Ileo-ccecal Valve to the Rectum Describe the Mucous Membrane included within these limits The answers may be illustrated with sketches
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