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APPLIED SCIENCES 437 ך What is the principle of the Wet-bulb Hygrometer How are its indications employed to show the amount of moisture in the atmosphere Define and exemplify the terms Specific Heat Ebullition Evaporation Explain the action of the Gold-leaf Electroscope and state the method of charging it by induction Describe the Electrophorus and state the mode of its action Explain the action of Lightning Rod and state the principal precautions to be adopted in mounting one -CJjtmtiitro Describe the properties of Oxygen and the mode of pre- paring it State the proportions in which it enters into some of its most important compounds What are the components of the Atmosphere and in what proportion are they present Give Dumas and Boussingault's method of analysis of the atmosphere What are the principal varieties of Natural Waters State the ordinary impurities which Spring Water contains and the mode of getting rid of them Mention the most important func- tions which Water performs when in combination Give its composition by weight and by volume and adduce experimental proofs of the accuracy of your statement How is Ammonia obtained Describe its properties and composition-give its density and the mode of condensation of its components How may small quantities of Ammonia be dis- covered when in solution Give the composition and properties of Sulphuric Acid- describe its manufacture How is it obtained in the anhydrous condition What definite hydrates of it are known Whence is Bromine obtained-and by what method De- scribe its compound with Hydrogen Explain the action of Nitric Acid upon metallic Copper- describe the products obtained What is the composition of Silica How is it obtained in stale of purity Mention some of its most important compounds
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