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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1858-1859-434

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436 APPLIED SCIENCES III -practical antt 23e5mptibc ronutrg -The solutions to be entirely geometrical no calculation allowed The sum of two lines is 45 inches and their mean propor- tional is inches determine the lines and their harmonical mean The sides of triangle are 3-l inches draw parallelogram equal to it in area and perimeter Draw scale of to show feet and inches by diagonal division Determine two lines at right angles one being inclined at 20 the other at 40 to the horizontal plane Three corner9 of cube of 25 inches edge are at 15 2-75 inches from the plane of projection draw the plan and also an elevation of the solid on plane parallel to one edge tetrahedron has its edges Β 2-7 Β 31 Β 4-4 CD 4-75 inches Draw its plan and an elevation on any plane Explain why the angle contained by the traces of any two inclined planes must contain an angle less than that which measures the inclination of the planes to each other IV -CJjtmtetri Illustrate and explain what is meant by the term Chemi- cal Equivalent State numerically and in symbols the result obtained when Common Salt and Nitrate of Silver each in solution are mixed in equivalent proportions Will the liquid remain acid neutral or alkaline and why What is the principle upon which the Thermometer de- pends Explain what is the nature and extent of the informa- tion that this instrument furnishes What degree of Fahrenheit corresponds to 70
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