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APPLIED SCIENCES 433 What are the principal varieties of Carbon Describe the properties of Carbonic Oxide Trace the action of the atmosphere upon fuel in an open and in closed furnace Describe the preparation of Iodine from Kelp and give an account of its chemical properties How is Nitre purified Describe briefly the Nitrates of Potash Soda Ammonia and Lime and state how they may be distinguished from each other What is the composition of Alum Sketch the process of its manufacture Enumerate the principal Ores of Iron Describe shortly the smelting of clay-iron-stone What are the chemical processes for the conversion of Cast Iron into Bar Iron and Steel State the difference between these bodies Describe the process of the Vinous Fermentation JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP -algebra anii Crtgononutrg Show that- χ ζ χ 2- Eliminate χ and from the equations- χ by x2 y'1 a'χ b'y Find the value of 99 70 and of the continued fract n3 If show that χ my where is constant Ε Ε
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