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GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 421 Find the total pressure on surface immersed in fliud Ex On square immersed in water one side of which is in the surface and the opposite side ft below the side being ft in length 10 Determine the resultant pressure of fluid on solid wholly or partly immersed in it To what depth would cone sink in water with its vertex downwards its height being ft and its specific gravity 11 Describe Hawksbee's air-pump and find the density of the air in the receiver after η turns of the wheel 12 Explain the construction and use of Sykes' Hydrometer ΠΙ- robltms The surface of iectangular parallelopiped is 48 square feet and its length is double its breadth determine its greatest possible volume An uniform beam 10 feet long movable in vertical plane about hinge at is supported by string two feet long which is attached to the beam at and to point in the same hori- zontal line with AC and AD being each three feet Find the tension of the string and the direction and magnitude of the strain at How long would stone whose specific gravity is be sinking 130 feet and what would be the ultimate velocity neglecting the resistance of the water piece of uniform wire is bent into three sides of square ABCD the side AD being wanting show that if it be hung up by the two points and Β successively the angle between the two positions of Β is tan -118 Find the greatest distance from wall of given height from which particle may be projected with given velocity so as just to clear the wall Determine the form of the equation to curve of the third order referred to two asymptotes as axes and find the equation to the third asymptote Two equal and similar vessels containing respectively
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