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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1858-1859-402

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404 GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE Translate with very brief remarks if you think any required Quote another passage from Herodotus wherein word which occurs in this passage is as here usually wrongly translated and translate it correctly Translate explaining where necessary the constructions Α nunc 1am quid hocreii est regnumne Aeschine hie tu possides Si possiderem ornatus esses ox tuis virtutibus Ter Adelph ii 20 β Major deceptse fama est et gloria dextrae Si non errasset fecerat ilia minus -Martial 21 ן Si jubeat patria tlamnatum excedere terra Per freta per scopulos exulis ibo comes Mecum eris ergo miser quod si deus ore sereno Annuerit t'elix Candide solus eris -Id ii 24 δ Si solum spectes bominis caput Hectora credas Id xiv 212 Translate into Latin He halted while his soldiers were speaking to the deserter ii Do not ne look back have nothing to do with the townspeople iii Whatever it be you will write iv If this is well fixed and determined in the minds of you all the victory is already your own It is now many years that that man has been in my debt vi If you receive letter you will send it on to me Explain the formation of ferre arasso rettulit faxo faxim faxem and account for fulget Lucret ii 27 qfflictat Plaut Merc iii 63 perrupif Hor Od 36 "The participle in endo appears to' have been originally an active imperfect participle like that in enti "-Key Lat Qr 1283 Give some reasons in support of this fact In what other use of the participle in endo is it invariably active Trans- late -" Sed priusquam hujuscemodi rei initium expedio pauca supra repetam quo ad cognoscendum omnia illustria magis magisque in aperto lint "-Sall
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