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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1858-1859-394

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396 INGLIS SCHOLARSHIP What claims had Prussia upon Silesia and why was the accession of Maria Theresa favourable time for asserting them What was the position of Prussia to Germany and the rest of Europe in the Seven Years' War Examine Frederic's ability as general and illustrate your criticisms by consideration of the battles of Kunersdorf and Leuthen What political reforms did Frederic introduce into Prussia Examine the nature of Frederic's connexion with Voltaire What was the state of German literature under Frederic and in what sense did he contribute to its improvement Give character of Frederic III -Ci paper on tfyt Μανία of &iftt £ion Stt for tijt inglis &ri 0tanrt t'p for tl IBngliSl &an guagt anti mteratuw IV Inglis c&olarsinp for tfjc 3EngIts& Language an& Hiterature WioxkS of to&feon sketch of the life of Addison Into what parties was the kingdom divided during the reign of William III What modification in them took place by the accession of Anne What was the influence on literature and philosophy of William the Third's reign How did it prepare the way for that form of writing for which the reign of Anne was remarkable The two great eras of English literature are considered to be the reigns of Elizabeth and Anne what was the great
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