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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1858-1859-390

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392 DIVINITY SCHOLARSHIP III -HLi StStorj oi ti SUfog from tfy J3al I0ntan Capttbttg to ti SfStrutttoit of Skvtuialem The state of the Jews during the Captivity From what sources do we get our information as to this period What results are obtained from them Against what social and moral evils had Ezra and Nehemiah to contend Who were their chief fellow-workers Who principally opposed them Write short history of the literature of this period What changes of character does it indicate Give some account of the chief books not included in the Canon of the Old Testament What were the circumstances which called out the heroism of the Maccabees Write life of Judas Maccabaeus What was the meaning of the name What were the chief stages of the growth of the power of Rome in Palestine What forms of government does the New Testament history present to us What do you learn from it as to the results of the intercourse between Jews and Romans The state of parties during the siege of Jerusalem Mention the chief circumstances of its capture State briefly what you know as to the history character and influence of the Jews in other countries during this period What do you know as to the following persons -Menelaus -Simon the Just-Philo-Mariamne-Berenice-Felix-Judas of Galilee-Nicanor IV -Cijt fttstoro of ii Cljurcl Kuring tije dftrst dTour CtnturwS What was the position of the Church under Nero Diocletian Constantine and Theodosius respectively The life and character of Julian the Apostate The history of the Montanists What analogiesare presented by the history of later times Examine the character and teaching of Tertullian in their bearing upon this subject The Catechetical School of Alexandria Give short ac-
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